Concierge level design for my clients:

When we cannot find what you describe, Then I’ll custom design what you need that can be made by the vendors and artisans I use. So you get exactly what you want, and then some.

Do the trades use the right products so dust from sanding floors or adding trims and moldings, doesn’t get all over the house? 

Is it important to you, that your home is filled with sustainable products so there is no off-gassing?This supports your health and well being by living in a healthy and safe environment. 

 “Elevate your life with 

        Great Design”

A Military Brat Learns:


My eye for design was sparked around the age of 10, when my father had me help him work on a dollhouse for my 5 yr old youngest sister. 

As I got older, I constantly felt the need to rearrange my bedroom, consumed Architectural Digest from cover to cover, and enjoyed reading Robert Ludlum Spy Novels. 

My other pleasures were word searches and massive 3000+ piece puzzles – great training to narrow all those design choices for clients down to one or two ideas.

Later on, I worked for both residential and commercial builders, in their accounting departments, which gave me a strong business background. 

A very rare combination in the interior design world. Only a handful of us can guide our clients to make sound financial design decisions – if needed!

With My family’s long service to the military, our many homes were filled with centuries old treasures from all over the world. 

Inspiring a lifelong learning about antiques and quirks about the homes we lived in. 

Being aware of design from a very young age, I realized the best design is a Collected Look. A timeless merging of fabrics, furniture, great art, and color –with life experiences, adding the spice.